Yes! Not only are all the components assembled in the U.S., all parts that make up the product are made in the USA. Our part suppliers include manufacturers in Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. NOTE: The optional BannerBug bags are made in Turkey, so choose the Handle Box packing option for 100% Made in USA.

Yes! BannerBug is a premium-quality product that will rarely fail. To prove that, we’ll back it for life. But if it does fail, or if you damage it, we will repair or replace it for free with no time limits. We want BannerBug to last as long as you need it to last. And since the banner is easy to change, you can use it forever, because your banner can change as your marketing needs change.

The difference between the Original and the Swap is how the banners are changed.

BannerBug Swap – utilizes a banner cartridge system (the Swap Tube) which allows you to change the banner in less than 1 minute with no tools.  You receive a new Swap Tube with a banner and you simply change out the Swap Tube to change the banner.

BannerBug Original – banners are attached with Velcro so you can replace them yourself, but it takes about 15-20 minutes. Normally, we recommend you have your dealer replace the banner for you.

So Which is Right for You? Original or Swap?

The answer depends upon one question: Do you plan on changing banners often in the future? If the answer is “yes”, BannerBug Swap is the better option because you will be able to change banners yourself in about a minute. If you don’t plan on changing out the banner, you should go with BannerBug Original.

Other than the way banners are changed, the two models are virtually identical.

Option #1 – Handle Box

This is our favorite option. The Handle Box is attractive, functional and easy to store and stack. And Made in USA. Note if you order a Handle Box it will be packed into a Shipping Box which we recommend that you save and use for shipping your BannerBug in the future. We do NOT recommend you ship using only the Handle Box. It’s designed for storing and carrying, not shipping.

Option #2 – Shipping Box Only

Will you just set your BannerBug up and leave it set up? No need to carry it around? If so, save some money and just go with the Shipping Box option. And save the box in case you need to ship it in the future.

Option #3 – Carrying Bag/EVA Case

Some people like carrying bags and shoulder straps so we offer a durable Carrying Bag for BannerBug Original, and a durable EVA Case for the BannerBug Swap. Both will arrive packed in the Shipping Box and these carrying bags are not designed for shipping (always put them back into the Shipping Box for shipping). Note that the Carrying Bag and EVA Case are NOT Made in the USA. They are manufactured in Turkey. So if you want Made in USA, choose the Handle Box instead.

BannerBugs are in stock and usually ship the day after an order.

For BannerBugs with printed banners, standard turnaround time is 5 business days to ship from receipt of approved artwork.

Premium quality BannerBugs deserve and get premium quality banners. Following are the machines and media used to print banners for BannerBugs:

For United States Customers


For Canadian Customers

Both BannerBug models (Original and Swap) use the exact same size banner – 33.25″ wide x 86″ tall (visible artwork). The visible height MUST be 86” (unless you are using it as a table top in which case it must be 57.5″) . But your dealer can make the banner width up to 33.46” wide (850 mm) and as narrow as 30” wide (762 mm) if you want them to. Just remember to stick to the 86” height.

Link to BannerBug 33 Floor Model Artwork Template.pdf

Link to BannerBug 33 Table Top Artwork Template.pdf

Everything you need to create a replacement banner for your client is included in this kit, except the banner.

Included Items:

  • Swap Tube Cartridge with Lead Sheet attached
  • Header Rail Kit with two 33.25″ Strips of OEM BannerBug Hook Velcro

For replacing banners in existing Swap Tubes, you can purchase a 25 yard roll of BannerBug USA’s OEM hook Velcro (see item ‘BANNERBUG OEM HOOK VELCRO”).

Remember BannerBug USA can produce the banner for you and ship you (or your client) a ready to load Swap Tube Cartridge system with banner.

Yes. When used as a table top, only the top 57.5″ of the banner will show (visible artwork). So design your artwork accordingly (make your visible image 33.25″ wide x 57.5″ tall ). Then, when setting up, use only the bottom two sections of the 3-piece banner support pole (leave the top pole section hanging by the bungee).

Table Top AND Floor Model Option

Note that you can design a banner that can be used as a floor model AND as a table top. Simply design the graphic so that the top 57.5″ of the artwork contains your primary message. That’s your table top version. Then whatever artwork you use for the bottom 28.5″ of the banner will also be seen when you use it as a floor model. Just remember that bottom 28.5″ will not be seen in the table top format.

Feet on banner stands are ugly, a tripping hazard, and tend to break. They only reason manufacturers use them is because their banner stands are unstable. BannerBug is designed for stability without feet, so we don’t need feet and all the negatives that go with them.