Can I use BannerBug as a table top display?

Yes. When used as a table top, only the top 57.5″ of the banner will show (visible artwork). So design your artwork accordingly (make your visible image 33.25″ wide x 57.5″ tall ). Then, when setting up, use only the bottom two sections of the 3-piece banner support pole (leave the top pole section hanging by the bungee).

Table Top AND Floor Model Option

Note that you can design a banner that can be used as a floor model AND as a table top. Simply design the graphic so that the top 57.5″ of the artwork contains your primary message. That’s your table top version. Then whatever artwork you use for the bottom 28.5″ of the banner will also be seen when you use it as a floor model. Just remember that bottom 28.5″ will not be seen in the table top format.