Should I buy a BannerBug Original or a BannerBug Swap?

The difference between the Original and the Swap is how the banners are changed.

BannerBug Swap – utilizes a banner cartridge system (the Swap Tube) which allows you to change the banner in less than 1 minute with no tools.  You receive a new Swap Tube with a banner and you simply change out the Swap Tube to change the banner.

BannerBug Original – banners are attached with Velcro so you can replace them yourself, but it takes about 15-20 minutes. Normally, we recommend you have your dealer replace the banner for you.

So Which is Right for You? Original or Swap?

The answer depends upon one question: Do you plan on changing banners often in the future? If the answer is “yes”, BannerBug Swap is the better option because you will be able to change banners yourself in about a minute. If you don’t plan on changing out the banner, you should go with BannerBug Original.

Other than the way banners are changed, the two models are virtually identical.