Which packaging option is best for me?

Option #1 – Handle Box

This is our favorite option. The Handle Box is attractive, functional and easy to store and stack. And Made in USA. Note if you order a Handle Box it will be packed into a Shipping Box which we recommend that you save and use for shipping your BannerBug in the future. We do NOT recommend you ship using only the Handle Box. It’s designed for storing and carrying, not shipping.

Option #2 – Shipping Box Only

Will you just set your BannerBug up and leave it set up? No need to carry it around? If so, save some money and just go with the Shipping Box option. And save the box in case you need to ship it in the future.

Option #3 – Carrying Bag/EVA Case

Some people like carrying bags and shoulder straps so we offer a durable Carrying Bag for BannerBug Original, and a durable EVA Case for the BannerBug Swap. Both will arrive packed in the Shipping Box and these carrying bags are not designed for shipping (always put them back into the Shipping Box for shipping). Note that the Carrying Bag and EVA Case are NOT Made in the USA. They are manufactured in Turkey. So if you want Made in USA, choose the Handle Box instead.