The Easiest
Banner System
on the Market

Now American-Made

BannerBug 33 swap

  • 100% Made in USA
  • Unconditional Lifetime Warranty
  • Banners Attach With Velcro
  • 1 Minute Set Up - No Tools Required
  • 33 1/4" x 86" Banner Visual Image Area
  • Overall 35" Wide x 9" Deep x 88" Tall
  • Stable - No Feet Needed
  • Interchangeable Banner Cartridge


Best Selling BannerBug - MADE IN USA

Over 100,000 BannerBug Originals have been sold in North America since 2001. In 2022, BannerBug Original became the only Made in USA retractable banner stand.

Forever & Always Warranty

If BannerBug ever fails for any reason, your fault or ours, we will repair or replace it for free - for life.

The Easiest Changeable Banner System on the Market

The Swap Tube w/Banner is secured in the Swap Base. Open the side of the Swap Base, pull out the existing Swap Tube, then insert a new Swap Tube and close the Swap Base.

Banner Protected When Not in Use

The banner retracts into the base for protection during transportation.

Velcro Banner Attachment System

Banner attach and remove using genuine Velcro brand hook and loop, making changing banners easy and eliminating the need for messy double-stick tape.

Precision Engineering

BannerBug is engineered to hold banners perfectly straight for a high end, professional appearance. No leaning banners with BannerBug.

Works as a Table Top Display

BannerBug can be used as a table top model and floor model - without having to alter the hardware or change the banner.

Superior Stability - Without Feet

The 300 square inch footprint and heavy-duty construction offer superior stability and eliminate the need for unsightly, trip-hazard feet.


See how easy it is to change your banner with a BannerBug Swap by watching this 1-Minute Video.

Sets Up in One Minute with No Tools

Choose From 3 Packing Options

Shipping Box Only

MSRP $289
with Banner $488

Just going to set up your BannerBug and leave it? No need to transport it? Then no need to pay for a Handle Box or Carry Bag. Choose the Shipping Box Only option to save money and reduce waste. 100% Made in USA.

US-Made Handle Box

MSRP $329
with Banner $528

Created for a 100% Made in USA option, the exclusive BannerBug Handle Box has a handle outside and foam inside for protection. Secures for carrying. Stacks for easy storage. Attractive, durable and dependable.

carrying bag

MSRP $349
with Banner $548

EVA construction. Soft but semi-rigid, durable and lightweight. This bag is Made in Turkey. Includes a carry handle, adjustable shoulder strap and inside pocket to store the support pole. A really nice bag.

Packing Options Weight

12.8 pounds

14.6 pounds

16.0 pounds

BannerBug 33 swap Specifications

Country of Origin
100% Made in USA
Unconditional, Unlimited Lifetime
Set Up Time
1 Minute
Banner Change Time
30 Seconds
Banner Visual Image Area
33 1/4" x 86"
Overall Size
35" wide x 9" deep x 88" tall
Shipping Box Dimensions
38" x 12" x 5"
Banner Attachment
Velcro Hook & Loop
Base Construction
6063 Anodized Aluminum
Header Rail Construction
6063 Anodized Aluminum
Support Pole Construction
6063 Drawn Annodized Aluminum